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Why the final blow to feminism will be autism

By Jason Freely / a few months ago
Why the final blow to feminism will be autism

Feminism celebrates women who choose paths typical to men over women who choose paths typical to women.  The problem with this approach is that in the last ten years researchers have found that women who think like men are not neurotypical women; these women have Aspergers

Normal girls are not great at math. We have known since the 1980s that boys who have very strong math skills usually have Aspergers. Today we know that very strong math skills are also a predictor of Aspergers in girls.

People are scared to say to girls, You’re good at math, come get tested for Aspergers. We know girls with Aspergers are good at activities boys prefer. So all girls who are good at boy activities should be tested.  A huge percentage of those girls will have Aspergers.

Gender dysphoria in girls is related to Aspergers. The transgender/non-binary/genderqueer population has a huge overlap with the Asperger population, especially those sex assigned female. And people born female are twice as likely to be referred to gender-identity clinics.  This overlap is particularly problematic because reasoning skills required to sort through gender identity are deficient or delayed in people with Aspergers.

But people are scared to say, If you think you’re transgender get tested for Aspergers. It’s not PC. And people don’t want to suggest that someone with gender dysphoria might have an extreme male brain from Aspergers rather than a gender identity issue.

Feminist ideals are too restrictive for women. The reason 90% of girls who have Aspergers are undiagnosed is that people can’t bear to accept the research. The media doesn’t report findings. Health care professionals don’t act on the findings. What is most distasteful is that research about girls with Aspergers feels like the opposite of feminism. But actually, our obsession with feminism is leading to a healthcare crisis for women. The result of being PC about diagnosing girls with Aspergers is they are not diagnosed until middle age. And by then, 66% say they have contemplated suicide.

A departure from feminism will improve the lives of all women. We will be able to accept scientific findings and act on them. Girls will be diagnosed with Aspergers as early as boys are. Nearly all women diagnosed with Aspergers in middle age say their lives would have been much less difficult if they had known as a child.

Women will stop feeling pressure to define themselves in terms of male milestones and achievements, and it will be fine to acknowledge that women don’t like to compete at work the way men do. And a departure from feminism will allow women to talk openly about how we have never really stopped wanting a male breadwinner.

Healthcare professionals should provide more leadership. Right now if boys have brains that look like obsessive, super-smart boy brains, we test them for Aspergers. But if girls have brains that look like obsessive, super-smart boy brains, we don’t test the girls.  That is messed up. Women are dying while we are trying to be PC about how we identify Aspergers.

The medical community has a history of glossing over gender differences. A heart attack in a woman does not look like a heart attack in a man, but it took doctors decades to act on this knowledge. Aspergers in a woman does not look like Aspergers in a man. We know this right now. We need to act on it now.

There are women dying. They are dying of suicide. They are dying of loneliness. They are dying from society’s need to celebrate women who succeed like men do. Women are dying because this is an uncomfortable topic. So let’s get talking now.

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