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Why experience in investment is no longer compulsory? The proposition of Iban Wallet

By Jason Freely / a few months ago
Why experience in investment is no longer compulsory? The proposition of Iban Wallet

In the current day and age, you can do almost anything on the phone and investing is no different either. There are a variety of spare change, stock trading and other investment apps, which allow you to invest in an option of your choosing. In short, you hold the keys to your money in your pocket most of the time. 

As is the case, investing small chunks of the funds can ultimately snowball into bigger rewards. It is all a function of time, if anything.

For the most part, people often steer clear of investment options because they do not have an excessive amount of reserve funds at their disposal. Although it would have been true a few decades ago, it is not the case anymore. At any time of the year, you may have a small amount of stash that you can invest. 

While experience in investment may not be all that necessary, developing certain habits can certainly put you on the roadmap that leads to financial freedom. Inculcating investing habits will inadvertently put you in a much stronger position financially.

Now with the emergence of manifold investment options as well as apps on iOS and Android, these will allow you to develop your portfolio and gain some understanding of the investment sector.

Times long gone

As is the case, stockbrokers are no longer required in modern-day investing. As long as you are not investing in the stock market and other sort of investment options, chances are you may not need them at all. There are some powerful and handy investment apps that can surely get you started in the domain and allow you to take it from there.  

Interestingly enough, these apps are designed with a low entry barrier, which helps non-investors to earn some cash and learn the ropes of investing. 

Enter Iban Wallet – A wave of change in investment domain

It is one such investment platform that does not charge its consumers any signup fees or withdrawal fees. Iban Wallet was started with the sole purpose of helping people get loans and repay them. On the other hand, the investors on this portal can earn a projected interest rate that ranges between 2.5% to 6%, depending on their account type. The budding investors can start off with as low as €1 and invest as much as they like. The different account types are for people who need different return on their investment. 

Iban Wallet has a secure system to protect its investors from incurring monetary losses. All the investment amounts are backed by property, which keeps them safe from a financial standpoint. The Iban Wallet account is directly connected with the bank account. Therefore, all the returns are deposited in the account on a daily basis. As a result, this is a good source of passive income for budding and non-investors to keep their savings growing for years to come.  

Iban Wallet is one of the many instances where you do not need the “investors’ experience” to get started. All you need is the internet, some measly funds and a bank account. 

Happy hunting.

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