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Russian Farmers Are Strapping VR Headsets to Dairy Cows

By Jason Freely / a few months ago

November twenty seventh 19__Dan Robitzski__Filed Underneath: Challenging Science

Ministry of Agriculture and Meals of the Moscow Area

Bovine Escapism

In a bid to get a lot more and better milk out of their cows, Russian farmers have taken to strapping specifically-modified digital reality headsets on their cows’ heads and providing them relaxing, nice digital encounters.

It’s not crystal clear regardless of whether the milk improved as a result, in accordance to Engadget, but the cows seemed happier when seeking at a VR subject than they ended up when confronted with the grim reality that they ended up trapped in a crowded farm.

Likely Back again In

The farmers located that the cows ended up a lot less pressured when working with VR, per Engadget. And now they approach to launch a a lot more robust analyze to see if jacking cows into the matrix essentially improves the high-quality or quantity of their milk.

And if that doesn’t operate, it’s possible the farmers could attempt permitting the cows roam close to an precise subject.

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