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Reasons why the number of online CBD stores have doubled

By Jason Freely / a few months ago
Reasons why the number of online CBD stores have doubled

CBD has recently enjoyed massive capital gains. In the US alone, this industry is considered to be a billion-dollar industry. What could be the factor that contributes to this success? Consequently, there has been an increase in the number of online stores that sell CBD in the especially this last year alone. In fact, there are anticipations that many investors are trying to push their products through online stores and platforms.

Here are the reasons why online CBD stores have doubled.



It is no secret that there is a very high demand for CBD products. It is no shock that even people who are from countries that have banned its use need it very much, especially arthritis patients who look forward to reducing their pain. CBD oil has been tested and approved as a way of arthritis pain management. In as much as their countries have banned physical retailing and supply of CBD, these people can always access the product via online retailers. You should also note that not all retailers are after stringent ethical practices and you should be careful to choose a site that is respected and trusted.



The largest online retailers, like Amazon, have entirely banned and prohibited the sale of CBD products. Even the affiliates of the online retail giant have followed suit. Therefore, this has opened a niche for newbies who have since taken over the business by storm. Many customers

would have bought CBD from authority websites, but unfortunately it’s not offered, opening a large shell of profits for online CBD retailers to share.


  • Availability of credit unions


Earlier on, especially in the US, local banks and microfinance institutions refused to handle cash from the sale of CBD oil within the region and beyond. It initially promotes the sale of CBD in physical retail stores, and most specifically in states that had legalized it. The most preferred method of payment was cash. However, most online transactions and shopping are done via credit and debit cards, and therefore online retailers couldn’t thrive. More recently credit unions sprouted up to help in managing the funds and proceeds from online retail stores primarily through credit cards. This act gave more investors the resources to open new retail stores and hence the reason for doubling.



Lastly, most consumers will feel comfortable when they buy from trusted retailers. In this digital era, when an online store has an official website with an authority domain, its credibility is never questionable among the consumers. You must note that most players in the industry, especially around the US and UK, are millionaires, if not billionaires, who can get the best of web designs for business websites that are user-friendly to attract more customers. For instance, most online stores have websites that facilitate secure checkout from any gadget. In addition to that, their website content is either compatible with any browser, either PC-based or mobile-based. If that is not the case, then you’ll always find different content versions for varying modes such as PCs and mobile phones.

In the long run, you should note that CBD online retailers have doubled in number because there is a generally positive perception of medical marijuana. As of now, many countries are on the verge of legalizing it, with other third world countries thinking of how to export the same for medicinal purposes to states that have already legalized it.


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