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MIT Deepfake Shows Nixon Sadly Saying the Moon Astronauts Died

By Jason Freely / a few months ago

Rewriting Background

In the celebration that Apollo 11 — the NASA mission that sent Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the surface area of the Moon — failed, President Nixon had a speech prepared and all set to go.

Simply because the mission succeeded, Nixon under no circumstances delivered the speech, but MIT engineers used deepfake technology to build a news broadcast in which a digitally-reconstructed Nixon delivers the lousy news, WBUR News reports. The deepfake, which will be offered at a film festival Friday, illustrates just how quick it is to make digital puppets deliver convincing speeches, even if they are thoroughly taken out from record.

Driving The Scenes

Francesca Panetta, co-director of the larger film in which the deepfake appears, instructed WBUR that she had an individual really browse the script while impersonating Nixon’s intonation and then used application to make the recording sound even much more like Nixon’s voice. It’s not the most sophisticated way to build deepfakes out there, but it however will get the task performed.

“I had one person say, ‘Oh, so you acquired an impersonator to impersonate Nixon,’” she instructed WBUR. “They did not imagine it was a synthetic voice. I had an individual else say, ‘Oh, so Nixon really did file this? They filmed him declaring this as a contingency speech then in situation it took place?’ And I was like, ‘Wow! Okay — you considered they filmed this ahead of. I guess it worked.’”

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