IKEA Designed the Interior of a Mars Habitat


IKEA interior designer Christina Levenborn just served researchers outfit the Mars Desert Investigation Station (MDRS), a habitat in the Utah desert that functions as an analogue for the Martian surface area, Rapid Company stories.

IKEA designers have been striving to occur up with new methods to make the cramped room sense like a property when maximizing utility. The vision is remarkably identical to what you’d discover in an Earth-dependent IKEA home furniture keep: adjustable stools, stackable chairs, and movable trolleys.

“We attempted to work with goods for little-room dwelling scenarios that could be organized in a adaptable and multifunctional way,” Levenborn reported. “For the habitat, we introduced goods on wheels for mobile dwelling, stools for seating, and table surfaces and stackable chairs for saving room.”

Flat Packs

The MDRS habitat is a 26-feet-tall domed cylinder that consists of a lab, workshop, kitchen area, and 6 little sleeping bunks. Six researchers frequently spend up to a pair of months in the tight dwelling room, finding out the working day-to-working day practical experience of what it may possibly be to stay on the Pink World.

“We chose to improve communal room and minimize private room,” Robert Zubrin, president of the room advocacy team that runs MDRS, reported in a assertion. “Each crew member has a little bunk they can retire to when they want to be by itself, but the room they share is relatively large.”

The Swedish home furniture brand has also introduced a assortment of MDRS-motivated homewares last 12 months, which include a rocket-shaped indoor terrarium, and room-age-y air purifiers.

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