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B2B Video Marketing: A Strategy for Lead Generation

By Jason Freely / 7 months ago

Movie marketing is booming. It is no more time news. Cisco predicts that, globally, video traffic will be additional than eighty% of all website traffic by 2022 (up from a prediction of seventy five% built in 2017).

Other recent reviews declare a 17% leap in video content usage in 2018, with the average human being watching additional than ninety minutes of online video each individual day. In the exact report, 85% of surveyed consumers explained they would like to see additional videos from manufacturers.

Nevertheless, only creating videos isn’t adequate. Content marketing in general—and video marketing in particular—needs strategic arranging to get the job done.

For B2B marketing, the main goal of content, video integrated, is normally guide technology. That is why, when it comes to B2B video marketing, a terrific strategy weaves specific videos into a “hub”—a long-expression asset that can bring in and nurture sales opportunities.

Let me explain…

From “videos” to “asset”: Organizing your B2B video marketing strategy

When it comes to B2B video content, two probable long-expression property make sense:

  1. On-site know-how foundation. Quite possibly gated, considering that the target is guide technology.
  2. On-site and/or off-site video class. Your have video-on-demand from customers channel for probable customers to sign up for and keep engaged with.

Of class, there’s practically nothing preventing you from creating each. For case in point, Yoast features a free gated know-how foundation on their site as properly as a repackaged model as a free video class on Udemy:

example of yoast knowledge base and video class.

Organizing your video marketing strategy close to a guide-making asset has two most important added benefits:

  1. It will allow you (and your whole company) to realize how video generation attempts need to occur together.
  2. It assists create content for each the top rated and middle of your sales funnel, turning your site into a vacation spot. Persons locate videos additional memorable and additional valuable than textual content content or images (e.g., infographics slideshows), which would make video a great in good shape for the intent.

A video hub can bring in traffic via search (if you occur up with a searchable subject matter) and create new traffic through 3rd-social gathering resources. If you put a free class on LinkedIn Finding out or Udemy, for case in point, you tap into all those platforms’ person bases, discoverable via their interior search function.

Further, all resources are guide-nurturing mediums to interact with learners or email subscribers on a frequent basis—and get them closer to the closing conversion:

  • With a video class, you can interact your learners by supplying updates, hosting Q&A classes, sending out a study, and many others.
  • With an on-site know-how foundation, email automation can achieve out to sales opportunities to invite them to entry new videos, give suggestions, and many others.
diagram showing how three videos in good shape together into a class to bring in and nurture sales opportunities.

Let us glimpse at the component areas of this overarching asset—individual video forms that deliver sales opportunities. 

Deciding upon video forms for guide technology

The very first step is to occur up with the “final asset” subject matter, which, preferably, brings together all of the next criteria:

  • Be dependent on a well known search query to rank and deliver traffic on its have. Deciding on keywords for your content is a huge subject matter that justifies a independent write-up, but you can refer to my thorough key word research guidebook listed here as properly as this brief workout to see the procedure in action.
  • Enhance the goods or services you sell. Video clips need to address problems your product or service solves.
  • Not be way too particular. You are going to want to incorporate fresh videos on a frequent foundation to re-interact your latest viewers or email subscribers. A super-particular subject matter is a hub with out spokes.
  • Be on brand. Of course, figuring out what’s “on brand’ is a huge and complex subject matter. This thread from Wistia’s Phil Nottingham is an superb summary (and justification) for creating videos for “brand affinity” not just “brand consciousness.”

Moz has repackaged their well known Whiteboard Friday videos into a free standalone class on Udemy that ranks 3rd on Google for “SEO training.” The class walks you via SEO basics—while also mentioning Moz’s tools as options to remedy prevalent SEO difficulties.

In addition, the subject matter of “SEO training” is wide adequate to give limitless alternatives to incorporate new videos as they are established.

example of how to repurpose videos into a class to interact with learners through Q&A and bulletins.

At the time you have an strategy of the subject matter for your video hub, create a video editorial calendar to align with it. You can mix and match video forms to diversify your content:

  1. Influencer-pushed videos (e.g., live videos, webinars, and many others.)
  2. Demos and product stroll-throughs
  3. Consumer-created videos (e.g., live Q&A, video assessments, and many others.).
example of video forms within just a video class.

All of these video forms can tackle (and remedy) related problems even though suggesting your product as the answer. Let us glimpse at some illustrations of each.

1. Influencer-pushed films

To see a brand-owned, webinar-pushed channel in action, examine out SEMrush. They continue on to grow their library of on-demand from customers webinars that includes market industry experts. You really don’t have to decide in to view a webinar, but you can put your queries or reviews via a guide-technology variety.

example of b2b company with massive group of webinars.
Just take observe of that “Discover SEMrush” label on the suitable. Some influencer-pushed webinars point out the system as answer to the reviewed difficulty, funneling individuals into seeking the system.

The magnificence of collaborating with influencers for creating videos is that you can use their authority and existing neighborhood to deliver sales opportunities ahead of and soon after the webinar or live-video session:

Webinar marketing is multifaceted: Webinars educate, interact, automate, and convert, and each procedure supports the other in a cycle. That would make webinars a great medium for setting up a long-expression video marketing strategy.

ClickMeeting refers to this strategy as the Webinar Flywheel,” exhibiting how you can use webinar marketing at each individual stage of the sales funnel and—at the exact time—how it transforms the strategy of the linear funnel into a cycle:

flywheel marketing idea applied to webinars.

There’s no commencing or close listed here: Each individual aspect supports the other, very similar to Hubspot’s Flywheel and, earlier, Jeff Bezos’s “virtuous cycle.”

As you’ll see later, the idea of “the whole drives the areas, and each individual aspect supports others as properly as builds the whole” is specifically what a guide-making video content marketing strategy need to be.

two. Demos and product stroll-throughs

If you’re providing a SaaS product, you’re very likely accomplishing product demos on a frequent foundation. There’s no motive why you can not reuse some of all those demo recordings to give your viewers a glimpse within your system.

Product demos make terrific content property. For case in point, Salesforce works by using demos as gated content. And Coschedule works by using them for blog site content, even position some for rather generic (i.e. high-volume) terms:

example of product demo video that ranks properly for high-volume search expression.

You can use your webinar answer to create product demos, or any of the numerous tools out there.

three. Consumer-created films

Inspire (happy) customers to create video assessments of your instrument. It can even be a contest to reward the very best video creators. Based on what you’re providing, you could also established up frequent live video conferences with brand advocates to tackle viewers queries.

It can be as very simple as inviting your customers to check with queries via a branded hashtag for you to respond to in a (live) video. Google’s #AskGoogleWebmasters video series is a superior case in point of this tactic in action. 

Or, it can be a additional state-of-the-art method: Invite customers to make a video for you or sign up for you in the video. For case in point, again when it was named “Google Hangouts,” we invited our neighborhood brand advocates to sign up for a regular monthly video chat to focus on the very best strategies to use our system.

Afterwards, around at Viral Content Bee, we invited our latest end users to submit video tutorials of how they use the system to consist of in our official Udemy class:

example of udemy course based on user-generated content.

Looking at how established end users use the system assists our new or quickly-to-be sales opportunities much better realize all the alternatives. It also provides credibility—it’s not just us professing what can be completed it is real end users exhibiting how they are having benefit from it. 

four strategies to repackage video written content

One particular video may well take plenty of time to create and edit. There’s no motive to use it only as soon as. The magnificence of video marketing is that it is really repackagable: You can occur up with loads of alternate formats to use across channels:

1. Use the entire video on your blog site. Wistia features custom made branding as properly as clickable phone calls to action and even decide-in kinds within the video—you could deliver sales opportunities suitable from within your video. Go through about other video platforms listed here, or evaluation this guidebook on how to embed videos on your site.

two. Develop a textual content summary or put together a entire transcript. This would make terrific content to go on your blog site together with the video. You can also re-use screenshots or other pictures from the video to make the content additional valuable for people today who choose not to view the video.

This would make your website page search-friendlier and additional available to people today with visible or hearing disabilities. Definitely, use very best SEO practices as properly as structured markup to make certain visibility in natural and organic search.

Other choices:

  • Transform each write-up into a PDF and give it as a bonus download via your class or know-how foundation as an alternate way to evaluation the content.
  • Accumulate all all those content and incorporate them into an e-book. This one can also be a free download for your learners/subscribers.

three. Develop annotated video takeaways to publish on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others. for brand visibility. Releasing shorter versions of your video employing 3rd-social gathering platforms prompts end users to glimpse for the entire videos, which can be located only on your site.

Resources like Placeit support you put together annotated videos and slideshows in seconds. Hyperlink everywhere you can to your blog site put up to try out and develop some traffic:

  • YouTube: Hyperlink from the video description and (quite possibly) pinned remark.
  • Facebook and LinkedIn: Hyperlink from the update or remark.
  • Instagram: Hyperlink from Instagram stories.

four. Extract audio from your video, specifically if it is an job interview or Q&A, and upload it to SoundCloud and iTunes. You could close up having identified as a podcaster if you do it often adequate.

  • The audio data files can then be turned into an audiobook and offered as a bonus download via your class or know-how foundation as an alternate way to eat the content (e.g., even though driving).

To give you a much better picture, this is what your closing strategy may well glimpse like:

diagram of how all pieces of a b2b video marketing strategy in good shape together.

That is specifically what I did when putting together my have video courses, such as one on popularity administration:

  • Every single chapter was dependent on a general public write-up.
  • Every single chapter features downloadable components (e-book, audio model, and in some cases cheatsheet).
  • Every single audio file was reused as a podcast chapter on Soundcloud and iTunes.
  • I market the e-book on my site as properly as Slideshare.
how to create bonus materials as resources within a video class.

This strategy generates multiple, complementary property that improve brand consciousness, deliver traffic, and bring in sales opportunities:

the components of a b2b video marketing strategy that act as top rated-of-funnel content.
I did not visualize the strategy as a cycle, but you can see how it will work like one: You use the strategy of a whole—what you’re doing work toward—to drive the generation and marketing of all the areas, and each aspect assists create and promote the whole.

When your class or know-how foundation is live (i.e. absolutely formed), you can use all all those channels to promote it, way too.

Advertise your asset through collaboration

To system the whole strategy additional properly, use an editorial calendar like ContentCal. With ContentCal, you can:

  • Schedule content campaigns and create content briefs.
  • Insert your whole team and manage permissions.
  • Get your whole team doing work on advertising property to aid each channel properly.
example of how contentcal tool helps manage content publication.

Ultimately, the influencers you integrated when creating videos (through interviews or webinars) can support you promote your video class or know-how foundation. All you require is to check with!

  • E mail them with pre-built tweets to make it simpler for them to share.
  • Develop custom made pictures for your participating influencers to use when endorsing your content.
  • Tag them in tweets and Instagram updates anytime you share their video, or even the whole class.

You can also achieve out to their pals by creating a follower focusing on ad on Twitter or through Facebook remarketing.


B2B video marketing can be a great deal additional helpful if you target on creating a long-expression asset that consolidates all your video generation and marketing attempts.

Embracing this method also grows the number of channels that can improve brand visibility, supplying new avenues to receive and nurture your sales opportunities.