12 Hilarious Wedding Bloopers

By Jason Freely / a few months ago
Wedding Bloopers

Weddings. You plan and plan and plan, trying to get every detail just right. But what happens when one of those details goes very wrong? We asked, and you answered! As these couples prove, it can be both hilarious and endearing…

“One of our guests accidentally over-served herself during the cocktail hour, became quite intoxicated and fell on top of our wedding cake while we were in the process of cutting it. It turned into the best story, which comes up during all of our friend and family get togethers.” — Caitlin (above)

Wedding Bloopers

“One of my husband’s groomsmen was dropping it low on the dance floor and split his tuxedo pants. He didn’t let this wardrobe malfunction stop him from having a good time and partied on throughout the night — dancing, drinking cocktails and conversing with various moms and grandmas. By the time our reception was over, his pants had split all the way down to the cuff!” — Emily

“After my dad’s very sweet father-of-the-bride speech, he went for a hug… and spilled his large glass of red wine all down the front of my dress. Remarkably, I stayed calm, grabbed my sister and headed to the bridal room where all our stuff was stashed. Luckily, my sister had included a Tide-to-Go pen in her emergency kit, and I was back at the party before anyone could notice. Some advice to any maids of honor out there: Bring a stash of full-size stain sticks. You never know what might happen!” — Jill

Wedding Bloopers

“My husband and I had an interfaith ceremony — he is Jewish and I am Catholic. We felt it was important to our families to have both faiths represented, so we found both a priest and a rabbi to officiate. One of the first things we did was sign the ketubah (a Jewish marriage contract). As our rabbi was rolling up the document to put it away for safe keeping, he tripped over the carpet. He wasn’t able to find his footing and continued stumbling across the room until HE NEARLY FELL OUT THE (screen-free) SECOND STORY WINDOW. He caught himself on the window frame, but we all nearly had a panic attack.” — Marisa

“I had a long veil, and just before walking down the aisle, a bridesmaid stepped on the end of it, pulling it clean off my head. My husband (who romantically didn’t want to turn around until the last minute) thought I was changing my mind. The priest was trying to update him and could only suggest things like, ‘She just stopped walking’ and ‘Is she leaving?’ Some guests rushed out to pop the veil back on, and I continued my walk down the aisle, where I DID marry him.” — Libby

Wedding Bloopers

“We did a sparkler send-off at the end of the night. My husband and I were walking through the sparklers when we heard someone yell, “FIRE!” I turned to see one of our groomsmen stomping on my dress. I later found out the groomsmen who helped put the fire out is the same one who got a littttle too carried away with the sparklers! All in all, a day we will never forget!” — Emily

Wedding Bloopers

“We got married at my parents’ home, and during the hustle and bustle before the ceremony, my mom’s mini schnauzer, Lexi, got out of the house. She proceeded to walk straight down the aisle right before I made my entrance. As everyone stood to see me, she walked back up the aisle to greet my dad and me. Everyone loved it, groom included, except for me. This was the big moment I’d been dreaming of for years! But I came to enjoy this story, as well. It’s the silly details that make things memorable.” — Kari

“My sister was my maid of honor, and we found her a beautiful halter dress. It fastened with a tied bow, but for some reason my sister asked our mom to rework the fastening into a snap closure. We all warned her this was an unnecessary and, frankly, risky change, but her mind was set. Fast forward to our reception, where everyone has entered that stage of the night where they are far too sweaty for formal wear. As my sister was dancing, the snap gave way and the top half of her dress fell down. I heard a scream and turned to see my brother-in-law red with laughter, next to a table, under which my sister was hiding. After several minutes, she rallied, like great sisters do. Our mom tied the straps firmly in a bow, and out my sister went, back on the dance floor.” — Beatrice

Wedding Bloopers

“For a long time before the wedding, my (then) fiancée and I had been practicing the perfect kiss — not too sloppy where it would make relatives uncomfortable, but more than just a peck! Given all the build-up, he assumed the kiss was a BIG part of the ceremony, and would be formally announced ‘you may kiss the bride’ style. Instead, once the vows were finished, the officiant winked at me and said, ‘Why don’t you give each other a kiss?’ My husband hadn’t heard her, didn’t realize it was THE kiss, and went in for a hug instead. So awkward! It still makes us laugh.” — Nicola

“My wife and I were married on the beach. We didn’t rent a tent because it never rains in Southern California. Or so we thought. As soon as the ceremony ended, it started to drizzle. And it kept right on raining, all evening long. All the photos from our reception show people wearing their jackets like hoods and holding random items above their heads to try to keep dry. The dance floor was basically a Slip ‘N Slide. But we like to think it proves we can truly weather the storm!” — Olivia

Wedding Bloopers

“We asked our groomsmen to wear grey pants, a grey vest and a white shirt. When the day of our wedding rolled around, the guys were getting dressed together and my husband’s older brother, who was also our officiant, pulled out his vest and tried to put it on. After a few expletives and some confusion, he realized that the grey vest he had ordered online, thinking it was such a bargain, wasn’t a men’s medium, but a child’s medium. He decided to cut a slit up the back to make it fit over his shoulders. Spoiler alert: it did not work. It did, however, make for some truly fantastic photos.” — Laura

“When my husband and I got married, it was important to us that our wedding feel personal. We designed our own invitations, my grandmother made homemade mints for our guests, and we enlisted my cousin to play a list of very specifically selected songs on his guitar during the ceremony. We asked him just to play the melodies. I was supposed to walk down the aisle to Cat Steven’s ‘The Wind,’ but instead my cousin began singing (loudly and with feeling) Iron & Wine’s ‘Naked As We Came.’ I specifically remember hearing these lyrics as I got closer to my husband:

One of us will die inside these arms
Eyes wide open, naked as we came
One will spread our ashes around the yard

I was laughing so hard I started crying, and could barely keep it together to get through our vows! Everyone in the church thought I was just an emotional bride with odd musical tastes, and to this day my cousin has no idea what he did.” — Kelley

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted stories on Instagram. We loved hearing them all!

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(Collapsed cake photo by Cadence and Eli. Split pants photo by Lizzie and Marco. Mini schnauzer photo by Emily Faith. Ketubah signing photo by Bright Bird. Tiny vest photos by Joann Arruda.)

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