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11 Things Our Team Has Loved on the Internet Lately

By Jason Freely / a few months ago
11 Things Our Team Has Loved on the Internet Lately
Photo by Kaspars Eglitis on Unsplash

Hello again from the makeshift desk space in my apartment corner next to my bed! And as Emily Eaton said on Instagram last week, happy Friday to those who celebrate.

Another workweek in this particularly strange portion of life is coming to a close and we are all doing…okay. We’re each juggling some version or another of anxiety and kids and work and dishes and we are, as they say, hanging in there. We’re grateful and we’re sad. We’re restless and we’re exhausted. We’re hopeful and we’re uncertain. Each and every one of us is a walking contradiction right now and that is perfectly acceptable.

Earlier this year, we started sharing the best things our team has come across on the Internet on the last Friday of each month, and this month we’re back again. (Here are links to the first and second posts in the series, should you feel so inclined to have a look!) Today we’re rounding up the stories, videos, and things that have been helping us through the past four weeks.

I don’t know about you, but finding pockets of joy wherever I can has been one of the bright spots through all of this. Laughing feels more impactful now and tears (of the happy variety, in this case!) come much more readily. My emotions are on overdrive and somehow, the world feels smaller than it did before.

What a month you’ve been, April 2020. We will always remember you and we will never want to repeat you.

Without further ado, here are the things we’ve been loving lately, in no particular order.

Everything We’ve Loved on the Internet Lately

1. An article on Cup of Jo that goes into what it’s like to have a baby in the time of coronavirus (we all cried reading this one).

2. Norseman Distillery, one of our favorite spots for cocktails in Minneapolis, is selling Staycation Cocktail Kits, available for pickup every Friday afternoon. 100% of the profits go to making free sanitizer available to healthcare workers and first responders. (If you’re able, consider purchasing takeout or a gift card from a local restaurant this weekend! It’s one small way we can support the businesses we care about most.)

3. A very valid question for parents to ask themselves: Are you living through a pandemic or potty training a toddler?

4. Take a stroll through the Japanese Garden in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This 18-minute video with its bird chirping and tree rustling is so intensely calming. Watch it in its entirety on full-screen or have it on in the background while you’re making brunch this weekend…I don’t know, just an idea!!

5. Our brand director, Bridgette, has been regularly using this sparkly face mask while social distancing at home. Per Bridgette, “My skin feels ‘tighter’ and my face looks brighter afterward, and it makes my kids laugh when I wear it.” It’s a win-win-win.

6. Here’s something neat: Over the course of these past few weeks, I’ve found myself watching Alison Roman’s cooking videos solely for comfort. I cruised right on through a thirty-minute video of Alison making a Passover dinner for her friends. The main course was short ribs and I am a vegetarian and yet I sat there, fully engrossed, as she tossed around big slabs of meat in her tiny kitchen (please don’t take offense to this fellow vegetarians…I am simply saying that she is enthralling, no matter what’s on the menu!!). I made my own modified version of this recipe this week (the grocery store was out of fresh dill and mushroom varieties were slim) and let me tell you, farro + mushrooms + sour cream + dried dill? Yeah, AR knows what she’s doing.

7. A step-by-step guide on how to make ice cream at home without a machine (my mouth is watering I’m fine).

8. An article in The New York Times written by the owner of New York City restaurant, Prune. It’s an incredibly moving, informative piece about how the city’s restaurant scene has evolved throughout recent decades, and the many difficult decisions restaurant owners are forced to make right now. This piece won’t be the one on the list to make you laugh, but it will remind you of the fact that the places we go for a warm meal with friends and with family and on first dates alike are a part of the backbone of our communities. We’d recommend giving it a read.

9. One of our favorite brands, Nisolo, announced this week that they’re going carbon neutral. They’re working with Climate Neutral, an independent nonprofit organization, to achieve Climate Neutral Certification. (We have a ton of respect for this kind of commitment to sustainability—you can learn more about the certification process here!) If you’re in the market for shoes or accessories from a brand that values sustainability and ethical production practices, use code WITDELIGHT to receive 20% off sitewide at Nisolo, now through May 1, 2020.

10. An article on Man Repeller that details what people have been dreaming about lately. I’ve had some mildly-telling-but-mostly-strange dreams during all this time at home. The weirdest of them entailed me having to climb down the side of a very tall structure made of mattresses (???) after going out with friends one night in Chicago. If you’ve had any strange dreams lately please share them with us below so I don’t feel so alone in having revealed mine!!

11. The thing about watching Stanley Tucci make a Negroni is that it’s one of the most enticing (and educational, in terms of how to make a beverage!) experiences out there. Trust me: You’ll enjoy it.

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